You may have seen the shiny glass bottles in the health drink section of the supermarket, or in the hand of someone at work. What’s the craze? Kombucha. Originally from Japan, this flavorful tea concoction contains healthy bacteria, or probiotics, to aid in gut health. It’s a natural solution for digestive ailments and a good source of nutrients. There are plenty of different flavors and brands to try until you find the perfect one, so get drinkin’! (A little heads up: it’s fermented, so it contains a little under .5% alcohol content).

1. It’s full of healthy bacteria.

The magic behind Kombucha is that it’s loaded with healthy live bacteria that aids in digestive regulation. (Don’t be spooked out by the “live” part—it’s good for you, we promise).

2. It’s a great dessert replacement.

We’ve all experienced that critical post-meal moment—the “should I or shouldn’t I” of dessert. Kombucha to the rescue! Its refreshing, satisfying sweetness makes it perfect for crushing those cravings.

3. It’s packed with antioxidants.

Fruit-based flavors of Kombucha like these contain juice from zingy cranberries and sweet blueberries, and other fruits rich in antioxidants (not to mention vitamins and minerals). This drank is basically a nutrients jackpot you don’t have to juice yourself.

4. It comes in tons of delicious flavors.

Kombucha’s unique, fermented flavor goes well with all different fruits and flavors. GT’s Kombucha has over 15 different flavors, from zesty, refreshing ginger to sweet, earthy blueberry.

5. It’s super low-calorie.

For a 16 oz. drink so sweet and satisfying, a calorie count of 100+ is typical. But these bad boys only contain about 30 calories per serving. That’s 60 per bottle!

6. It can help with weight loss.

Filling, low-calorie, and helpful for digestive regulation, this magical mixture may be the perfect thing to add to your weight loss regimen to give it a boost. The best part: it tastes delicious. Happy sipping!

Still not convinced? Don’t take our word for it! Kombucha is now available in the organic juice section of your local supermarket. Leave a comment below about your Kombucha experience!

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