3 Simple ingredients? Check. Healthy snack? Check. Quick and simple to make? Delicious? Check and Check! These Blueberry Yoghurt cups are the perfect snack for you to make in advance and enjoy throughout the day.

Delicious on a hot day to cool you down, without the calories or additives of sugary ice lollies or ice cream! Enjoy!

Super Healthy Snack Recipe – 3 Ingredient Blueberry Yogurt Cups!



Sweetener (Splenda)


1. For the bottom layer blend your yogurt of choice with some frozen blueberries.
2. Dollop some of this blueberry yogurt mixture into muffin cups.
3. Place a few blueberries into each cup.
4. Freeze until this layer is set.
5. Then add some more plain yogurt (+sweetener of choice) on top of you blueberry yogurt layer and freeze overnight.
6. Remove from paper liner and snack away!

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